Creating value and prosperity through “food”

The Sojitz Group creates value and prosperity by connecting the world with a spirit of integrity.
Today, global population growth means that ensuring a stable and safe food supply is imperative. Meanwhile, economic development and income growth in Asian countries, declining fertility rates and population aging in developed countries such as Japan, diversity, the digital economy, the sharing economy and other technological innovations and changes in the social structure mean that the food needs of people around the world are changing on a daily basis.
In cooperation with its customers and partners, Sojitz Foods aims to innovate, transform and develop its ingredient procurement, food development and production, and logistics capabilities. Harnessing the Sojitz Group’s global network and through a deep involvement in the food value chain, Sojitz Foods aims to contribute to providing a stable and safe supply of food and to meeting the daily changing food needs of people around the world.
As a company that handles food, we recognize that our most important responsibility is to ensure that food is safe. We have established a Quality Assurance Department to oversee quality assurance and compliance at manufacturing plants of the Sojitz Group and its partners and to ensure that the food we handle is safe.
By dealing sincerely with its customers and partners in Japan and the rest of the world, Sojitz Foods aims to create new value and prosperity through “food.”

Soga Hidetoshi
Sojitz Foods Corporation